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Sessions + Mini Symposia

Meurer, Thomas; Herty, Michael; Model-based Control of Forming Processes
invited session

  • 1. Malte Wrobel, Thomas Meurer: Optimal Sensor Placement for Temperature Control in a Deep Drawing Tool
  • 2. Michael Herty, Markus Bambach, Muhammad Imran: Feedback stabilization of forming processes
  • 3. Dirk Wolfram, Thomas Meurer: Parameter Identification for a 3D Heating Process by the Adjoint Method based on Experimental Data
  • 4. Christopher Schulte, Xinyang Li, Dirk Abel, Gerhard Hirt: Model-based Control of the Strip Roughness in Cold Rolling
  • 5. Ahmed Ismail, Daniel Maier, Sophie Charlotte Stebner, Wolfram Volk, Sebastian Münstermann, Boris Lohmann: A Structure for the Control of Geometry and Properties of a Freeform Bending Process, IFAC-PapersOnLine 54,
  • 6. Szymon Kwiecien, Lucas Hamm, Max Weiner, Matthias Schmidtchen, Ulrich Prahl, Welf-Guntram Drossel: Soft sensor control for twin roll casting processes of magnesium alloys


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